YES Orchestra

In 2015, Mussakhan established Eurasian Soloists chamber orchestra, which consists of musicians aged 18 to 30 from different countries of Europe and Asia, and became its art director. There are 25 members in total; however, since each musician also performs solo, usually 15-18 performers play together.


“An orchestra, especially a chamber one, can be likened to a family, where each member plays a special role. Musicians come from different backgrounds; therefore, it is important to find an interpretation that suits everyone and perform as a single body. This requires patience, diplomacy and flexibility. Playing in the orchestra also provides more opportunities to select compositions,” said Mussakhan.


The Eurasian Soloists Orchestra accepts invitations from festivals and the city administration and also organises separate concerts. A tour across Switzerland in November 2017 was one of the latest independent projects. The orchestra receives assistance from the city administration.

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